ALBERO NPK 10-50-10

ALBERO NPK FERTILIZERS are more than standard water soluble fertilizers.
Their co-formulants have an important role for the macro and microelements absorption.
The ALBERO line is composed by various NPK proportions to meet any request and to apply the specific NPK proportions for any plants  stage.
ALBERO are highly soluble in water , this mean that once  in the soil they  may be absorbed in a faster way than the standard fertilizers.
Thanks to these characteristics the application rates  of ALBERO can be reduced by 20- 30% compared with the standard fertilizer, so that the risk of underground waters pollution is reduced. 
The benefits of ALBERO are more evident in calcareus soils or where the soil is characterized by high E.C. level.
ALBERO are poor in Chloride and Heavy Metals, in line with new European Standard.



Formulation: Water soluble

Treatment type:

Fertilizer type: Compound inorganic fluid fertilizers - Fluid NPK fertilizers