We put at the centre of our mission the attention for the farmers’ requirements: all of them, singular or in association, distributors, offering plain work or services, technical assistants, production’s experts,  the real engine of the agricultural sector of the economy.

With a wide range of products, we offer services, logistic and technical assistance on the field, servicing the clients and ready to answer all the  new requests coming from production and market.
We manage the products: first studying and developing them, to understand and value the real potential. Thanks to  a close collaboration with research organizations, public or private,  in Italy or abroad,  we take care of experiments and development of these innovative products.

Then, we face the technical questions coming out from the final use, the real efficiency  and the secure handling, the adequate response to the agronomic problem, so that the maximum achievement can be obtained, we look for the best logistic solution in distribution, giving the operators full access to the best technologies and practices,  satisfying real operational needs and the interest of the whole sector.

A special attention is dedicated to all aspects related to the food and feed security, human and animal health, to keep all the operators safe during their activity, high respect for natural and agricultural environment, taking into consideration all the means to reduce any impact on eco-system.